Step 1: Looking At Your Empty Course

When you first enter a new Moodle course, it looks very sparse!  By default, Moodle courses are set up by weeks, and nothing is loaded into them.  This is where you come in!

Here’s what a new course looks like:

Empty Course

The center column is where you will add materials such as files, assignments, quizzes, forums, etc.  The different items you can add are referred to in Moodle as “resources” and “activities.”  The left and right hand columns hold “blocks” which can provide navigational help, quick links, calendars, etc.  There are premade blocks from which you can choose.  More to come on this later…

It’s important to note that the very top section in the center doesn’t have a week assigned to it.  This section, referred to as “week 0,” is where you should place important course content because it will always display at the top, regardless of how you structure your course.  There is also a premade “news forum” that comes with every course in week 0.  This forum is for your use, and is for alerts or important announcements.

Once you’re a Moodle expert, your course may look something like this (click the image to enlarge):

complete class

Note the addition of new blocks such as “VTC Resources” and the “Calendar.”  The center is filled with text, files, folders, assignments, etc.  You’ll learn how to add those a bit later as well.

Let’s move on to Step 2, where you’ll learn how to turn on editing and make some basic changes to your course.  Let’s go!