Restoring Old Moodle Courses to the New Moodle System

To restore a course from a Moodle 1.9 backup file (old Moodle) to Moodle 2, please follow the steps below:

*NOTE:  Do not use Internet Explorer when building or editing courses in Moodle 2.  Some functions are incompatible with this browser.  Moodle works best with Firefox, Chrome and Safari.

1.  Log into Moodle (which is now Moodle 2).  Click on the course to which you would like to load material from your old backup file.

2.  Located in the settings block, use the Restore link to upload your backup file and transfer materials from your old course.   The following video walks you through this process (best viewed in HD – click the gear in the timeline to change to 720p).



3.  You can now continue to add to and modify your course as you normally would.  Be sure to make your courses available to students before the semester starts.  Welcome to Moodle 2!

Having troubles?  Submit a Service Desk request