How to Create Groups

Groups can be a useful tool within Moodle, allowing you to create activities for specific audiences within a class.  To create groups within a course, follow the steps below:

1.  From within your course, click users in the settings block.  This reveals options underneath.  From those options, click groups.


2.  Click create group


3.  Name the group and add a description and even an image, if desired.  At the bottom, click save changes.


4.  Repeat the create group process as needed.  Once the desired number of groups is created, click the group to which you would like to add students and then click Add/remove users.


5.  Add users to the group by selecting their name, and then clicking Add in the center.  Tip- you can select more than one user at once by holding the control key and clicking their names.  Once you have moved the desired students into the group, click back to groups.


6.  Repeat this until all students are added into the desired groups.

7.  Once your groups are created, you need to add each to a grouping.  Click on the Groupings tab.


8.  Click create grouping


9.  Name the Grouping and add a description, if desired.  Click Save changes


10.  Click the “show groups in grouping” icon (the icon on the far right)



11.  Add one group to the grouping and click Back to groupings


12.  Repeat steps 8-11 for each group until all groups have been added to a grouping.  You should have an equal number of groupings and groups.


13.  You can now create activities that are specific to groupings (groups).  When creating an activity, you can choose the grouping under the common modules section of the edit activity screen.

A word about Group mode:  you have two choices for group mode: “separate” and “visible” groups.  Separate groups will allow students to view only what has been assigned to their grouping.  Visible groups allows students to view all activities, but they can work in only those activities assigned to them.

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