Windows OneDrive Guide

  • Click the start menu, and search for OneDrive. If you are on a personal computer, you may need to install it from the store.

  • The installer will prompt you for an email; enter (YourUsername at vsc dot edu) replacing YourUsername with your VTC username, ex: abc01230


  • You will be redirected to the VSC login page. Login here with your username and password as though you were logging into portal.


  • You will be prompted where you want your OneDrive directory to be located. In most cases, and for all VTC computers, you can just click ‘Next’

  • You’ll be shown a couple of pages of instructive information on how to use OneDrive and then you are all set. Your OneDrive folder will appear in the file explorer.

Additional instruction on the use of OneDrive can be found on the Microsoft Support site including a list of OneDrive icons.