Windows OneDrive Guide

  • Click the Start menu, and Search for OneDrive.

  • If you are on your personal computer, you may need to download it from the Store, which is an option listed in the Search results
    • By clicking on Store, it will open this page

  • The installer will prompt you for your school email address
    • You will need to enter it in this format:
      • where abc01010 is your school username


  • You will be redirected to the VSC login page. Please log in as you normally would for the Portal


  • You will be asked where to save the OneDrive folder.
    • Click ‘Next’

Note: If you are installing OneDrive on your own computer, you can change where the folder is stored.  However, on all VTC computers, please click ‘Next’ and do NOT change anything.


  • Your OneDrive folder will now appear in File Explorer.

Additional instruction on the use of OneDrive can be found on the Microsoft Support site including a list of OneDrive icons.