Windows WebDAV Guide

Note: This page is for mapping your personal Windows Device to your student or staff drives on campus.

If you are using a school computer and your drives are not mapped, please type the following in the Search area by your Start menu

User Group Type this:
Faculty and Staff Users        \\vtcfiles\tasks\remap.bat
Student Users        \\vtcfiles\tasks\sturemap.bat


Mapping Your Personal Device
  • Windows 7
    • Click the Start menu and go to Computer.
    • Choose Map network drive 

  • Windows 10
    • You click on File Explorer at the bottom of the start page

  • Then click on Computer

  • Then choose Map network drive (Windows 10).


  • Instructions are the same for Windows 7 and Windows 10 after this

Choose any drive you like for the Drive field.

  • In the Folder field, enter the full path for the network drive you are attempting to map:


Drive User Group Full Path
M: Faculty and Staff Users
M: Student Users


  • This screen will pop up
  • When prompted for credentials, enter:
    • Username: vtc\<yourVTCusername>
    • Password: <yourVTCpassword>