New Student IT Training Checklist

Each numbered item corresponds to the printed checklist given out during orientation.

1. Activate your account
  • Navigate to
  • Click “New users: Activate your account here” underneath the “Login” button.

  • Fill in the required information and go through the four activation steps.
    • If you do not know your College ID number or if you already have a personal email address and mobile phone number on record that you need to update, please call the Key Student Services Center at 802-728-1302 or visit them in the Key Student Services Center, located in the first floor of the Administration building, on the Randolph Center campus and they can assist you.
  • After you finish setting up your password and security questions, please go to and sign in to continue to the next step.
2. Portal Announcements

  • College announcements will be viewable under this section.

Portal Announcements

3. Canvas

  • You can view your Canvas courses under this section.
  • You can also access Canvas directly by going to

Moodle Courses area

4. Email
  • If your email is not yet connected to the Portal, please click on “Enter your credentials” above the calendar on the left-side.

Portal - Email link

  • Enter your username followed by
    • Example:
  • Enter your password in both password boxes and click “OK”

Portal - Email link 2

More ways to access your email:
  • You can access email directly at
  • You can also setup email on your phone, tablet or computer; we have setup guides located on our support website here.
5. Student Academic Planning

Student Academic Planning

  • Here you can see your Program Evaluation, which will let you know what classes you have taken, need to take and classes that are in progress. You can also fill out your Graduation Application here.
6. Student Academic Profile

Student Academic Profile

  • Here you can check your Class Schedule to find out where and when your classes are and who is teaching them.
  • When Grades are posted, you can check those here.
  • You can get an unofficial Transcript here.
  • If you have any Academic Alerts, you can check them here.
  • To give FERPA Authorization to someone, you can fill out the FERPA form here.  For more information on FERPA, please view this article.
7. Student Billing/Financials

Student Billing and Financials

  • You can View Your Bill and Make a Payment here.
  • If you have health insurance, you can opt out of VTC Health Insurance by going here and filling out the Student Health Insurance Form. If you do not opt out, you will be charged for health insurance.
  • You can change your meal plan with the Meal Plan Change Form here.
  • When you need your 1098T Form for taxes, you can find that here.
8. Student Financial Aid

Student Financial Aid

  • If you are awarded Financial Aid, you can check the award notice here as well as your Financial Aid Document Status.
  • You can also see your Financial Aid Overview.

If you have questions you can visit them in the Key Student Services Center, located in the first floor of the Administration building, on the Randolph Center campus and they can assist you.

9. Emergency Contact Info

In the event of an emergency where VTC may need to send you information and alerts, you can receive them in several different ways.

  • Go to the “My Vermont Tech” link located at the top of the Portal.

  • In the “Campus Life” section, click on “Emergency Notification Management”

  • You will have the options to be sent an email, phone call or text message, and you need to select the appropriate campus/audience.

  • Once you have filled this out, please click “Save.”
10. Tutor Request

  • You can request a tutor online by clicking on the “My Vermont Tech” link at the top of Portal and then go to “Tutor Request” under the “Academics” section.

11. Wireless

You can connect to the VTCStudents wireless network from most phones, tablets and computers. When connecting, login with your Portal username and password. We have setup guides on our support website located here.

12. Network Drives and OneDrive

There are several network drives that are made available to students. You have your own personal storage on the M: drive. To access this on a school computer, just open a File Explorer window and go to “This PC” from the left-side menu and your network drives will be displayed. To connect to your drives from off-campus or your own personal device, please view our Network Drives Guide.

Microsoft OneDrive is also available to students. You can access it from Once signed in to your email, click the menu button in the top-left corner to display OneDrive along with all the other apps available.

Which one to use depends on your usage. For large files or application project files, you will want to use your M: drive. For Microsoft Office documents and smaller files, OneDrive works great because you can access everything through a web browser or use the mobile or desktop app to access files.

13. Printing

There are networked printers all over campus for students to print to. You are given $85 at the beginning of each school year for printing funds. If you need more, you can go to the Business Office to purchase printing cards. To check your balance or add purchased funds, go to and sign in with your VTC credentials.

14. Educational Software

As a student, you can download and install Microsoft Office on up to five devices for free. This includes the Mac/Windows versions as well as the mobile app versions. For the mobile version, you can download them from the App Store on your device. For Mac/Windows computers, please go here:

NOTE: When asked to sign in, make sure to use the format for your email address, it should then redirect to the VSC logon page where you need to login normally. This will need to be done for both the Mac/Windows and mobile app versions.

You can also purchase several applications or subscriptions from at discounted rates.

15. Parking Permits

You can sign up to receive your parking permit by visiting

NOTE: Parking permits are for those who are staying on the Randolph Center or Williston Campus.

Anyone attending a remote site, please check with your site director for parking information

You will need the following information:

  • Vehicle Make, Model, Year and Color
  • Vehicle License Plate Number and State
  • Registered Owner, Owner’s Phone Number and Relationship to Driver
  • Driver’s License Number and State