Linux Wireless Guide

Staff, Faculty and Students:

This should work for all distros that use Network Manager Applet as their network manager. (Ubuntu, Linux Mint, Fedora, etc.)

  • Make sure that you have wireless drivers installed. You should be able to check “Enable Wireless” by right clicking on the network manager on your panel.
  • Next right click on the network manager then go to “edit connections”
  • Click on the wireless tab then click add
  • A box should appear to edit the connection settings
    • For connection name enter a name of your choice
    • Check the box “Connect Automatically”
    • For SSID:
      • Enter VTCStudents if you are a student
      • Enter VTCWireless if you are staff or faculty
    • Make sure mode is set to infrastructure
  • Click on the wireless security tab
    • Security is set to WPA and WPA2 Enterprise
    • Authentication is set to Protected EAP (PEAP)
    • CA Certificate is none
    • PEAP Version is 0 (zero)
    • Inner Authentication is set to MSCHAPv2
    • Username and Password are your VTC credentials
  • Click the IPv4 tab and make sure method is set to automatic
  • Now click okay to that box and then left click on the network manager. Select VTCWireless or VTCStudents from the list (depending if you are staff/faculty or student). You may need to enter your credentials again, but you should now be connected to the wireless.