Creating Recurring Meetings

There are a few different ways to schedule recurring meetings: through the Zoom website or the Zoom app.

Creating a Meeting using the Zoom Website

To create a recurring meeting, login to your Zoom account at and then do the following:

  • Click on Meetings on the left-side menu
  • Click the Schedule a New Meeting button
    • Enter a name for the meeting in the Topic field
    • Enter a description if you would like to
    • Click the Recurring meeting checkbox underneath the Date and Time section
      • Click the Recurrence drop-down menu and select No Fixed Time if you want this to be a permanent meeting to reuse or select one of the other options if it will be a daily, weekly, or monthly meeting at the date/time you want.
    • Adjust the remaining settings as needed
      • It is recommended that you choose Computer Audio instead of the default Both setting.
    • When ready, click the Save button.
    • After saving your meeting, the next page will provide the Meeting URL that you can share, it is in the format of:
      • NOTE: To get back to this page in the future, just go to the main My Meetings page on the left-side menu and click on your meeting to find the URL. You can also edit the meeting from here.

Creating a Meeting using the Zoom App

Open the Zoom app and sign in to your Zoom account.

  • On the Zoom app Home screen, click the Schedule button

  • In the Schedule a new meeting window, change the Topic field at the top if you would like a different name for your meeting
  • Under the When section, click the Recurring meeting checkbox
    • NOTE: When using the Zoom app to create recurring meetings, it will always create the meeting with No Fixed Time, if you want to create a recurring meeting that is daily, weekly or monthly at a specified date/time, you will need to use the Zoom website.
  • Under Audio Options, change it to Computer Audio only
    • If you do not see this option, look for VoIP Only instead
  • Adjust any additional settings as needed. Some settings are hidden under Advanced Options under the Meeting Options at the bottom.
  • When done, click the Schedule button.
    • If you selected Outlook under the Calendar section and have Outlook installed/setup, an Outlook window will appear with all the Zoom meeting information including the Meeting URL to share with others.
    • If you selected Other Calendars under the Calendar section, it will pop-up a window with invitation information including the Meeting URL to share with others.