Customizing Meeting Settings

Zoom has many settings you can adjust that will apply to all your meetings. Some of the settings (such as Audio Type) will be your default settings going forward for creating new meetings.

To access these settings, login to your Zoom account at and click on the Meeting Settings link on the left-side menu.

There are a lot of settings so we won’t cover them all here, we encourage you to look through the list to see what’s available yourself. We would like to highlight some settings that we find useful:

Always turn on or off the Host and/or Participants video when entering a meeting.

Change the Audio Type to Computer Audio by default.

Join before host will allow participants to jump into the meeting before the host arrives, if this is disabled the participants will instead be greeted with a waiting message saying that the host has not yet started the meeting.

Mute participants automatically is self explanatory and can be useful.

End-to-end encryption is available but will disable the file sharing feature.

There are various settings for controlling chat.

You can turn on Play sound when participants join or leave here.

File Transfer allows hosts and participants to send files through the in-meeting chat.

You can turn off the Feedback to Zoom setting so it stops asking for user feedback when exiting a meeting.

Polling can be turned on here. It allows the host to create polls for participants to fill out during a meeting.

You can turn on or off Annotation, Whiteboard or Remote Control features here as well.

Further down the list you can turn on or off Email Notification settings. By default it enables all of them but if you’d rather not get lots of emails about attendees waiting to join your meeting or when a meeting is cancelled, you can adjust them here.

At the top of the Meeting Settings page, you can also adjust some recording settings under the Recording tab.