Customizing your Profile

To customize your Zoom profile, login to your Zoom account at

Once logged in, it will bring you to your profile page.  You can get back to this page by clicking on Profile on the left-side menu.

You can change your profile picture by clicking the Change link underneath the default profile picture at the top next to your name.

You can view your Personal Meeting ID number here, you can also change it if you would like.

If you have a Zoom Pro account, you can create a Personal Link name here. It is recommended that you start it with vtc. since we share our Zoom account with the entire VSC. An example would be: vtc.john.smith 

Zoom allows you to change your sign-in email address but please do not do so. All accounts under the VSC system must remain in the format. If you change this, it will get reset back to the default format.

You can view your account type under User Type to see if you have a Pro or Free account.

You can change your password under the Sign-In Password section.